Astonishing Salt and Pepper Beard: Great or Not?- Full Guide

The Good, The Bad, and the trendy: Salt and Pepper Beard Style. There are a lot of opinions in the beard world and many guys may believe that it’s just not their color. The Salt and Pepper Beard is becoming popular and is ofcourse the coolest natural beard look. There are many celebrities who put…

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Face Waxing for Men – Mustache Waxing Basics

painful shaving time, man screaming white beautician shaving his face.

Hair removal is commonly seen as something done by women. However, there are a lot of men who have to regularly deal with unwanted hairs that they would like removed. If you are one of these men and would like to get rid of your unwanted facial hair then you might be interested in learning…

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Will I Ever be Able to Grow a Beard? 10 Tips to Grow a Beard

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Everybody wants to know if they’ll ever be able to grow a beard. Let’s face it, a beard is an awesome thing to have, but not everyone is lucky enough to be able to grow one. Beard growth is a natural phenomenon that requires patience. There are many factors that influence beard growth. In this…

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Yeard Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide | Growing a Beard for a Full Year

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A Yeard is a beard that is allowed to grow until it reaches a length of an entire year or more, and there are many great things about growing and caring for a beard in this manner. We all have heard the same advice when it comes to growing out your beard, but even then,…

Olive Oil for Beard Growth? Truth Revealed – Complete Guide

Pouring extra virgin olive oil from a spoon to a glass container. Olive branches comes from the left and right. Some olive oil bottles are out of focus at background. Black olives are on the table and complete the composition. The composition is on a rustic wooden kitchen table. Predominant colors are gold, green and brown. High resolution 42Mp studio digital capture taken with Sony A7rII and Sony FE 90mm f2.8 macro G OSS lens

Olive oil for beard growth, A myth or truth? Is there a scientific basis? This is a question that has intrigued many people. Since olive oil is widely used in cooking and on our body, especially on the hair, there are people who believe that it can also be used to stimulate growth of beard.…

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Pencil Mustache Style – Definitive Guide to Growing and Trimming

No matter where you look these days, the pencil mustache style seem to be on the rise. Whether or not you have one of these “taches” yourself, you’ve probably noticed that they are everywhere. Have you ever wondered how to grow and maintain them? Well, wonder no more! You’ll find everything you need here in…

Ingenious Beard Hair Catcher – How They Help Shave Without a Mess

Can you imagine shaving without a mess? I never could either, but then this little gem of an invention called the Beard Hair Catcher came across and changed everything. Is it necessary to shave your beards before going out? Then the Beard apron is for you. If you are a busy man, you do not…