How to be a Beard Model | The Ultimate Guide

You might be wondering how to be a beard model. In this 21-century modeling industry, individuals with beards can find work as models.

But how does one become a successful Beard Model? How much is paid for this type of work? How do you get started in this field?

This article will answer these questions and more. We will furthermore provide helpful information on how to become an accomplished beard model.

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What is a Beard Model?

A beard model is an individual whose job is to have their facial hair styled for photography, modeling, or even in film.

In addition, a beard model can be referred to as a bearded model, a hirsute model, or an actual model.

The beard model industry is a rapidly growing industry that is devoted to assisting men of all ages with facial hairstyles, grooming, and all aspects of appearance.

It is not easy being a beard model. To establish yourself in this industry; you must show talent, maintain a steady growth of facial hair, and be confident in your ability to transform the look of others through your appearance.

Famous Bearded Models

how to be a beard model
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how to be a beard model
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Instagram Photos
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Instagram Photos

Check our more detailed article about beard models with beards who making a mark in the modelling industry.

What Are The Requirements?

Beard Modeling requires a certain look, type of beard, and a certain height for photographs.

It is required that a model must have a facial hair of choice. If you are not comfortable growing your beard naturally, then you will need to consider acquiring hair extensions, beard oil, beard grooming products, beard beads, and/or a beard wax or brush.

Beards will need to be groomed well to look as good as you can. Beard styles might include the classic western, the classic teddy bear, and the street style.

Determining the price of maintaining beards could be overshadowed by the fact that beard modeling is a very rewarding field.

It can offer income and a variety of new opportunities to you. And as a consequence, there are a variety of ways that people can generate income by being a beard model.

How Much Does a Beard Model Earn?

According to Recruiter, an average model makes a salary of about $32 000 to $48 000 annually.

This shows that you can earn a respectable amount of money as a beard model. The top highest-earning states being California, Colorado, and Ohio.

In today’s modeling market, a model can pocket more than just the salary as there are other ways of increasing his revenue. The following are just some of the ways one can increase his earnings:

  • Beard Competitions
  • Social Media : Facebook and Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Deal Sponsorships
  • Creating own Product
  • Selling on Etsy, Amazon and
  • Start a Blog

How To Get Started as A Beard Model

Beard modeling is one of the few male modeling professions that do not force the use of condoms, although the professionalism of the industry demands that modeling agencies only allow models with regular STI status. So, aside from being a kind, gentleman, beards can also help your career.

There are several ways to get started as a beard model, but here is a simple outline, “be patient with your beard”. Beards do not grow quickly and they don’t grow evenly.

There will be some patches that will not grow out as fast as the rest, and then you will not look as well-groomed.

To get a good first set of facial hair, practice growing your beard out with shaving foam and comb it before growing it out on your face.

1. Grow a Good Beard

This is the number one prerequisite of any successful beard model. In the end, a person’s beard is a special characteristic, and your models need to have an authentic beard.

This may mean that they should be having a full-grown beard. Though it is important to the professionals in the beard modeling industry to grow a full beard other styles can also do well.

If you want to be a model, you must show a natural beard and preferably grow one naturally. Do not try to just pull them out.

The more natural the beard, the better for you. The first step to growing a beard is finding a healthy beard oil and beard balm that fits your lifestyle and facial hair.

Get a Beard Shaper This is an essential component of bearding. You can either use a razor or a beard trimmer for this purpose.

2. Build Your Portfolio

To start, people will often ask you, “What are you doing for a living? I’m sure you don’t make much money, so what makes you qualified to be a beard model?”

Your answer will be different from a potential employer’s answer to the question. For example, if the interviewer says, “I’m looking for someone with a well-groomed beard” and you reply, “I’m just looking to do some extra work on my day off” then you could definitely have a reason why you’ve never done this before.

Now, if your answer was, “I’ve always wanted to model beards for companies and brands to help them promote their product lines,”

Your interviewer might responds, “Great, what kind of beard modeling you would like to do?” then they might feel a bit more comfortable about having you in their company.

Build your portfolio through a social media account by either documenting your journey or use of products but either way, build your portfolio.

3. Work on Your Social Media Brand

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Begin by creating a social media brand identity that has longevity. Online audiences recognize a brand very quickly, but it takes time to build that brand. Early on, you may want to do some research on what the industry is looking for in a brand.

Begin sharing personal and unique photos online to build your brand. A picture says more than 1000 words, and images are taken with a much higher caliber of equipment and software than a text message.

The camera tends to be our most intelligent tool. Beard enthusiasts often seek out individuals that are bearded because they have a unique vibe.

From your personal style to your use of photography, your brand will reflect who you are as a person and what you believe in.

Choose two platforms and run with them until you have a good following that’s when you can add others.

Instagram seems to do well with modeling and building a personal brand. Be consistent with your audience to get a following faster.

4. Take Advantage of Opportunities Offered by Beard Competitions

Though some men seem to be naturally gifted at facial hair, others have to learn how to master the art.

There are beard competitions in the U.S. alone that are aimed at specific types of facial hair. This is the perfect way to hone your skills. There are numerous competitions to build your brand through including:

5. Don’t Forget the Whole Body.

A beard grooming expert knows that being a professional beard model is hard work. This job requires a certain level of skills that needs to be mastered.

Become Good-Looking Beard Modeling is a lucrative, high-paying profession. It’s also very physically demanding.

Keep your physical appearance appealing through regular physical fitness to keep up. Remember in this industry, looks are everything.

How to be a beard model

6. Working with a Beard Model Agency

The first step in the process of being an accomplished beard model is to join an agency.

Though most agencies don’t require applicants to have beards, some may require you to have experience with them.

Generally speaking, an agency will try to find a person with a similar face structure as the one it is using to model the products.

This way, you’ll be able to match the look of the product or person, and the model will be able to stay consistent in the final product.

Another important factor in the application process is the kind of beard or face the photographer is looking for.

Study and research the agency you want to join beforehand and know the brands they work with to assist you to know how to brand your style.

FAQ on How to be a Beard Model

What Type of Beard Works Well?

How to be a Beard Model

A beard is a symbol of masculinity, dominance, and power. It’s also a signifier of who you are as a person.

A beard can make or break your look, so it’s important to know how to shape your beard correctly to suit your personal style.

The following beard styles are sensually appealing and could bring spectacle from the model:

What Beard Length is Most Attractive?

There is really no specific length most attractive than the other. Remember you need to choose a style that suits your face shape, your own taste, and your personality.

Don’t be limited to what is available, explore and even create your own beard style if necessary. Longbeard however is great to draw different styles from to create your own brand.

Other FAQ’s

Do models have to shave their face?

It is really not required to shave your beard as a model as it can be part of your personal brand or identity.

As long as you learn how to properly take care of that beard you can brand your style with it

What body shape do male models have?

Most agencies require their models to have a well-toned physically well-built body. Though in this 21st century most models are proving to succeed with plus-size bodies.

Having a thin or slim body especially for men isn’t really a prerequisite, it is just an added advantage.

Are beard models a thing?

Bearded models are becoming popular each and every year. They are also starting to make strides and make their mark in the modeling industry. It’s quite obvious that beard models are becoming a real thing.


The importance of maintaining your beard and mustache is a key ingredient in any successful model’s image.

Growing a good beard and mustache will keep you healthy, happy, and functional in the workplace and outside of the workplace.

Think about what you can do to be a good model, and focus on developing your image. This is a job that requires many good qualities, including the desire to improve yourself and help others.

To summarize this article here is the ultimate guide on how to be a Beard Model and grow the perfect beard in 5 steps:

1) Find the shape that suits you best
2) Grow the beard for 3-6 months
3) Keep it clean and Trim regularly
4) Build Your Brand
5) Start Earning Through Your Beard.


    1. Agencies mostly just hire you with what you have grown. The more you decide to grow your own style the more you will be confident and most likely to impress any model agency.

  1. I’m 60 years old and growing a very grey full bush.. a sort of Classic full beard/Garabaldi cross.
    I’m a rugged, weathered skin, farming type that trains bulls to be ridden like horses. Life has had a good workout on my features.. what agencies could I approach?

  2. Hey great article and thank you for taking the time to write it. I’m a 48 year old professional in South Carolina who’s a blessed to grow an adult beaver on my face. What are the recommended agencies I should reach out to just to get a start after doing things on your article above? I just love to see if I have an opportunity. Thanks again. Gabe

    1. Hey Gabe. Thanks for checking this blog out and glad you love it. An article is coming soon on that. I don’t wanna spoil it so keep looking real soon

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