Best Beard Filler Products: Pencil, Pen, Powder & Spray Fillers

Filling your beard is important if you want a thick, full, and luscious beard like no other. Today we are discussing all the best beard filler products including beard filler pencil, beard filler pen, beard filler powder, and beard filler spray. The products will range from natural fillers to synthetic fillers. If your beard isn’t as full and lush as you want it then this post is for you.

A notable difference from then to now is the filler products. There’s a different product for everyone and if you’re going to try one, you might want to know about them all. So shine up that face of yours and read this ultimate guide on the best beard filler products. Let’s get started with all the beard filler options available today on the market.

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What is a Beard Filler?

Beard Filler

A beard filler is a kind of product that can be used to make your beard look fuller. They come in different names, such as beard thickeners and more. They are typically a combination of different ingredients that helps your beard to look more voluminous and darker. Beard Fillers only provide a temporary solution.

The Importance of Beard Fillers

If you have a beard and are looking for a solution to a patchy or thin looking beard, beard fillers may provide the solution you need. Beard fillers provide a temporary solution to patchy beards and thin beards. They are easy to apply, and you can be ready to go in minutes after applying.

Beard fillers are a great option for men looking to enhance the look of their beards, without having to compromise on natural beard growth. In the past, the only option for most men was to shave their beards entirely – or accept the fact that their facial hair would look patchy or odd. Now, with beard fillers, you can enjoy the benefits of a fantastic beard, while still getting to keep the beard you have.

Cons of Using Beard Filler Products

  • The results may not last for long and you may need to redo it again and again. Your beard may not grow thicker and fuller every single time you use the product.
  • The process of redoing may result in you spending lots of money in the long run.
  • Beard fillers may cause some irritation or redness to your skin especially if you allergic to its ingredients. Find out the ingredients before using.
  • Beard fillers may not smell very good. But using a blend of beard oils that have divine scent can cover up this con.
  • Your beard may still grow at a normal rate.  Beard fillers are not likely to help you grow your beard faster.

Types of Beard Filler Products

Pencil and Pen Beard Filler

A beard pen looks like a mascara brush for women’s eyebrows while a pencil filler looks like a contouring pencil mainly made from beeswax. The pencil and pen beard fillers are similar as nowadays these products come in both pen and pencil in the same packaging.

Pencil Beard Filler is designed to reduce patches, gaps and thin areas in your beard and moustache, giving you a clean, natural, and fresh look. This thin, water-based and non-greasy formula is easy to apply and helps you achieve the most natural-looking beard and moustache possible. It’s specifically designed to provide lightweight volume and fullness, making it perfect for filling in areas around your mouth, chin, sideburns, neck and cheeks.

It’s the ultimate solution for thinning and patchy beards, making it the perfect gift for your brother, dad, husband or friend who has been struggling with growing a strong fuller beard. The Pencil Beard Filler is a high-quality makeup for filling in and covering beard, moustache, and eyebrows. It’s Water-proof, long lasting coverage and Natural Finish that blends in seamlessly with your beard, moustache and eyebrows.

The micro-fork tip gives you great, fine and sharp application. The Bristle Brush is perfect for blending the edges of your facial hair and the Pencil Beard Filler. It’s Beard, Moustache and Eyebrows all in 1. Its easy to apply and waterproof. You can go swimming, bathing, or go out in rain with no worries. It will not smudge or come off.

How to Use the Pencil Beard Filler

Beard Filler Spray

Beard Filler Spray is the perfect match for those not opting for pencil or pen fillers. Made from natural ingredients, this hair fiber hair thickening spray will instantly thicken your facial hair, giving you confidence and an undetectable natural look for both your hair and beard. It’s a spray-on beard filler that helps mask receding hairlines, fill in thin spots, or conceal salt and pepper beard.

The Spray Hair Fixer is the definitive solution to thinning beard and receding hairlines. Its Keratin hair fibers help to fill in and conceal the appearance of thinning patches, while also adding texture and volume to your hair. Other hair pieces, like wigs and beard extensions, can look overly obvious. But with the spray filler, your thinning hair is concealed, making it easy to style and look great.

The Spray beard filler features long lasting fibers, giving you all-day confidence, and a completely natural look that blends with your hair. Simply hold the device 3-5 inches from your head and spray; the fibers will cling onto your existing hair, making it look thicker immediately. This revolutionary device helps people overcome their beard loss,patchness or gray beard and get their confidence back.

How to Use the Beard Filler Spray

Beard Filler Powder

Hair care and make-up are not just to look pretty. hey are important parts of our daily grooming as they help us to bring out our most confident and beautiful selves.Beard Filler Powder helps to keep your beard truly fresh and clean by adding a new layer of hair colour to your grey roots in a manner that leaves no tell-tale signs. It is quick, easy to use and can make you look like you have been to the barber rather than just a quick DIY job. The natural dark brown colour helps you look like you have lost colour and it can be used as a make-up base for men, or to take your normal look to a new level.

How to Use the Powder Beard Filler


Can I use brow pencil for beard?

Yes, you can use brow pencil for your beard . The only thing you need to keep in mind is to choose the pencil that has a shade that matches your hair color. Sometimes brow pencils can be a bit waxy and greasy, which is not a good thing for beard. So go for a pencil that is water proof and has a tiny amount of wax. The color of the pencil should be slightly lighter than your hair color and it should be as creamy as possible.  The best option is to use beard fillers instead of brow pencil. It is meant for beards and it is also less greasy than brow pencil.

Can you use mascara on beard?

You can use mascara on your beard at your own risk. You need to consider the fact that mascara is made with the ingredient that can be harmful to the skin. So, it depends on how much you are going to use on your beard. It can cause pimple, redness and itching. Its therefore not recommended to use mascara on your beard.

How long does beard filler last?

Beard fillers typically last only up to six weeks, but the exact time depends on factors such as the size of the beard, thickness of the hair, health of the skin and lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, and skin care products used. A beard filler is a non-permanent solution that provides volume and texture to a growing beard. It comes in several forms, from a pencil or a liquid. The filler is applied to facial hair to make it look fuller and thicker. It can be used as a touch-up product after three weeks to fill in any gaps left by the slow growth of facial hair. A filler does not create hair, only enhances what is there. Over time the volume will decrease.

Is there anyway to wash beard filler out?

A good scrub with a mild face wash. A good scrub with a pumice stone. You simply rub the stone over the pencil Filler. The pencil Filler will come off with the stone. Rubbing the area of the pencil Filler with a fine grit sand paper can also help. If nothing seems to work, try oil based makeup remover. It will work to dissolve the pencil Filler. If the area is sensitive, wipe the area after taking off the Filler with a damp towel dipped in alcohol.


Choosing the right pencil you will be using when filling your beard is crucial if you want to achieve the best result! The main reason for this is because each pencil is made of different material. This will reflect on the final outcome of your beard. Pencil beards fillers come in different varieties. They include soft, medium, and firm hold pencil fillers.

It is advisable to use pencil beards fillers that have the firmest hold, since this will make the beard look natural. The color of the pencil beards filler should be chosen based on the color of your skin. If the color of your skin is dark, then you should choose a pencil beards filler that has a lighter color. This will help to make your beard look natural.

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