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At Beard Parlor we not only are beard enthusiasts, we really care about men’s looks as its vital for their confidence.

Beards and moustache or mustache as some call them are a symbol of masculinity and power. They help define and portray a man’s true personality, character and identity.

We love to research, learn and know anything there is to know about beards. At Beard Parlor we, therefore, want to share this knowledge with you as well as learn from you.

We encourage authenticity and for this reason,  we encourage natural growing or the use of organic products.



Thomas Bika is the founder of Beard Parlor, a blog specializing in beard growth and grooming. We are a new blog but have been providing content on all things beards for over a year.

Our content is relevant, informative and focuses on improving your beard skills and making you look great.

My background is in marketing and I have always been interested in the latest trends related to beards growth, grooming, styles and care.

As an avid beard grower, I understand the challenges that comes with such an endeavor. I am constantly learning about the latest tips, techniques, products and tools designed to help me maintain my beard at its best.

It is my goal with this blog to bring together the latest tips and tricks for those who choose to grow or maintain their beards.

I hope you will take some time to look over our blog, we have some great content that you can use as a reference material for your readership. Thank you for your time and,

Let’s brand your style together.

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